Edward Teller , The Meson Song (Solvay Version)

There are mesons pi, there are mesons mu,

The former ones serve as nuclear glue

there are mesons tau, or so we suspect

And many more mesons wich we cant’ yet detect

    Can’t you see them at all?

    Well, hardly at all

    For their lifetimes are short

    And their ranges are small.

The mass may be small, the mass may be large,

We may find a positive or negative charge,

And some mesons never will show o a plte

For theur charge is zero, though their mass is quite great

    What, no charge at all?

    No, no charge at all!

    Or, if Blackettis right

    It’s exceedingly small

Some beautiful pictures are thrown on the screen,

Through the tracks of the mesons can hardly be seen,

Our desire for knowledge is most deeply stirred

When the statements fo Serber can never be heard.

What, not heard at all?

No, not heard at all!

Very, dimly seen

And not heard at all!

There are mesons lambda at the end of our list

Which are hard to be found but are easily missed,

in cosmic-ray showers they live and they die

But you can’t get a picture, they are camera-shy.

    Well, do they exist?

    Or don’t they exist?

    They are on our list

    But are easily missed.

From mesons all manner of forces, you get,

The infinite part you simply forget,

the divergence is large, the divergence is small,

In the meson field quanta there is no sense at all.

    What, no sense at all?

    No, no sense at all!

    Or, if there is some sense

    It’s exceedingly small.